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What’s Social, Creative, and Collaborative? Math, Of Course!

InstagramNews December 4, 2023

At Prospect Sierra, we know that math is a social and creative endeavor; it’s in the multiple pathways where math gets interesting. Our students learn from themselves and each other that they can make sense of problems through a variety of approaches.

Starting early on, we teach students to be capable mathematical communicators. They are regularly asked to explain their reasoning: verbally, with images, and in written form. They learn to question each other’s thinking and defend their reasoning.

Because we are aware that the gender gap in math can begin in middle school, we discuss, model, and practice taking space and making space for others. By listening to how others think, students deepen their own understanding and become flexible problem solvers.

See our mathematicians in action with this peek into 5th grade math teacher Marlene’s lively classroom!