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Equity & Inclusion

Being the change we want to see

Every day, we teach and practice equity and inclusion so that children build perspective and develop skills to drive positive impact in our world.

E&I Philosophy

Our Equity & Inclusion Philosophy

At Prospect Sierra, we believe the world is in need of urgent change and intentional evolution. Diversity of thought, identity, and culture leads to more effective, creative ways to drive meaningful impact—whether it is at the kindergarten math table or at the U.N. 

We cultivate an inspiring and nurturing educational community that:
  • recognizes and celebrates our differences joyfully
  • promotes understanding
  • deepens our shared commitment to social justice and service to others
  • sustains our courage to do this work together
In addition to strengthening interpersonal relationships, we also recognize that building a better world requires:
  • Identifying and understanding past and present systemic inequities
  • Having the courage to make change
  • Examining power and privilege at all levels

We work to combat injustice and discrimination with the same intention we apply to learning new academic skills. Prospect Sierra’s TK-8 curriculum integrates problem-solving skills and perspectives that continually challenge our assumptions and implicit biases.

We provide opportunities for everyone in our community to take risks by stretching beyond their comfort zones, where true growth happens. These skills are as vital in the classroom as they are in life.

Turning Hope Into Action

Our best chance for a hopeful, united future is through authentic discussions that inspire critical, creative thinking. Prospect Sierra works to translate those interactions into actionable change.

Black Lives Matter

At Prospect Sierra, we believe Black lives and minds matter. They should be celebrated, loved, engaged, and kept safe. When Black lives matter, all lives will matter. Our comprehensive Black Lives Matter resource guide offers accessible, easy-to-understand information to our community to learn, engage, and act.

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On Indigenous Land

We recognize that the Prospect Sierra community and our two spacious campuses exist on the territory of xučyun (Huichin), the stolen land of the Chochenyo-speaking Ohlone people. Our faculty and staff practice acknowledgment with our students that raises awareness about and honors Indigenous histories that are often suppressed or forgotten, along with the presence and work of Indigenous people today.  

Meeting This Moment

There is a frequency and intensity of world events that negatively impact the identities and bodies of many underrepresented groups. Our Meeting This Moment resources allow our community to confidently engage in supporting our students, and one another, in emotion regulation in the wake of myriad ongoing traumas. 

Cohort Groups

A cohort group is made up of people who share one specific identity marker. Research shows that these kinds of groups help people meet and connect, problem solve, and communicate important messages from underrepresented voices. Our cohort groups empower members of our community to understand how identity shapes the unqiue experience of each person and community.

Community Partnerships

The arms of our broader community support each of our students in seizing opportunities and reaching their goals. Prospect Sierra is proud to partner with local nonprofits, businesses, and other values-aligned organizations to amplify our social justice work and mission throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Board Equity & Inclusion Committee

It is important that our Board members have opportunities to develop equity and inclusion-related skills. We seek to integrate equity and inclusion into Board decision making.

Institutional Milestones in Equity and Inclusion

Positions for Director of Equity and Inclusion and Equity and Inclusion Teacher Leaders created
Focused PD to develop common equity and inclusion vocabulary
Middle school cohort/affinity spaces launched
Gender Sexuality Awareness (GSA) cohort group launched
Partnerships with Gender Spectrum and Equal Read begun
Commitment to identity safe practices established
New Strategic Plan focused on supporting everyone to thrive published
Funded all interested faculty and staff of color to attend the People of Color Conference (PoCC)
Anti-bias hiring protocols instituted in Head of School search; part of all hiring thereafter
Equity and Inclusion statement approved by Board of Trustees
Established partnership with The Black Neighborhood, founded by PS alum
Established Prospect Sierra Black Alumni Council
Established the Pearson Fellowship to support credential education of under represented associate teachers