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Interscholastic Opportunities for 6th-8th Grades

Panther Athletics

The goal of our athletics program is to encourage participation and provide social, conceptual, and skill development for each student. Panther sports teams include basketball, cross-country, flag football, track and field, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. All genders are welcome on all teams! Teams are designed to teach students individual and team skills and concepts, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of respect, good sportspersonship, and healthy competition. Coaches provide equal opportunities/playing time to all players, and teams are usually grouped by grade-level, although that may vary depending on the number of participating students. Go Panthers!

Fall Cross Country

Student-athletes train to increase their endurance on surfaces of grass, woodlands, hills, flat ground, and gravel.

Fall Flag Football

Though similar to American football in terms of rules, flag football’s defensive team has to remove the flag from the ball carrier; no tackling involved.

Winter Basketball

Prospect Sierra basketball players work on motor coordination, flexibility, and endurance, and build speed, agility, and strength.

Spring Track and Field

Students practice running, jumping, and throwing events, and learn all areas of the sport.

Spring Ultimate Frisbee

In Ultimate our players learn the ins and outs of the game, expectations for fair competition, and integrity, respect, and inclusion while having fun.

Spring Volleyball

A non-contact team sport in which two teams have three hits to pass a ball over a dividing net, students develop improved hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes.
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