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Impactful Academics for a New Century’s Challenges

Prospect Sierra students learn to critically approach academics as a tool to navigate the world in meaningful ways.

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Recognize one's emotional,social,physical, and learning needs,strengths and challanges to nurture personal growth and resiliance.
Share knowledge and resources, build on experience and diversity of ideas to achieve group goals and interdependence.
Disciplinary Knowledge
Build and apply content knowledge to think deeply and act as the practitioner of the discipline.
Understand ones impact and influence in a local and global community,cultivate compassion and take positive action.
Express ideas effectively through varied means of presentation, understand one's audience, actively listen and build connections.
Innovation Creation
Experiment and create while embracing failure as an opportunity for growth in order to design new ideas and solutions.

21st Century Learning

At every grade level, our academics are designed to address the unique set of opportunities that the 21st century will bring. Prospect Sierra students graduate with the scholastic and life skills necessary to thrive.

The National Association of Independent Schools recognized Prospect Sierra as one of only 7 model schools around the world to explore these future-centric curricular issues. Our students will be prepared to lead in the world ahead.


Prospect Sierra emphasizes a contextual integrated curriculum. Our faculty work closely together to connect the material of different academic subjects in illuminating ways.

An integrated approach to learning helps students understand how all areas of study are fluid.
For instance, children learn how science can influence art, or how social studies can inform computer technology.

Our learning models prod students to reflect deeply on facts, ideas, and experiences in an increasingly diverse society. By doing so, they can make connections between their education and their growing awareness of the world around them.

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Prospect Sierra’s transitional kindergarten is designed for four- and five-year-olds who are ready to learn by doing. We want our students to develop empathy, find joy in learning, and cultivate strong pre-academic skills.

Working parents, we have you covered. Our Extended Program for transitional kindergarten students begins at 2:30 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m. each day. After pick-up in the transitional kindergarten classroom, those staying later will be welcomed into our kindergarten yard on the elementary campus. Your children will play, continue their social emotional learning, and enjoy afternoon snack together. We also offer care during teacher work days, conference days, and during summer.

Elementary School (K-4)

Students in kindergarten through 4th grade work together in teams to discover, explore, and learn a wide range of topics. Our goal is to foster a love of learning, literature, numbers, and facts. Teachers work together across curricula to encourage curiosity and explore topics from many angles.

Working parents, we have you covered. Our Extended Program on the elementary campus begins at 7:30 a.m. for before school care, and ends at 6 p.m. each day. After school, we offer a range of activities and classes – from jewelry making and robotics, to tennis, music lessons, and web design. Your children will play, continue their learning, and develop lifelong friendships. To learn more about our offerings and see sample programs including enrichment classes, summer camps, and conference day care…

Middle School (5-8)

Our middle school integrates mathematics, literature, writing, art, drama, music, science, world languages, social studies, service learning, physical education, and computer technology into a positive experience for each student. Our project-based curriculum is designed to promote understanding and thoughtfulness as students are asked to think deeply about facts, ideas, connections, and experiences.

The Prospect Sierra Panthers offer interscholastic competition for 6-8 grade students. The goal of our athletics program is to encourage participation and provide social, conceptual and skill development for each student. Panther sports teams include basketball, cross-country, flag football, track and field, girls’ volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Teams are designed to teach students individual and team skills and concepts, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of respect, good sportsmanship, and healthy competition. Coaches provide equal opportunities/playing time to all players, and teams are usually grouped by grade-level, although that may vary depending on the number of participating students. Interested in learning more?

In addition to drama classes that are built into our daily curriculum, we also offer a robust after school drama program for middle school students. Designed around two annual performances, students try out for various roles in support of the seasonal performance. Students in grades 6-8 are invited to audition for the fall play, while students in grades 5-8 are eligible to try out for the spring play. Students commit to rehearsals several days per week and experience the rigor of preparing for a production of this scale. To read more about our casting philosophy…

Prospect Sierra provides its students with a variety of technologies that facilitate the ongoing development of teaching and learning both on and off campus, including its iPad program. iPads and other tools empower students and teachers to augment the learning experience, increasing the possibilities of education both within and beyond the walls of the classroom. With these new opportunities come a range of responsibilities. The use of all of Prospect Sierra’s technologies is a privilege, and students and parents are aware of the proper steps that will be taken to ensure both acceptable/appropriate use and the proper care for these devices. Student use of technology includes discussions of the impact of their choices, both in terms of what they use and how they do so. As in all of our programs, technology use is connected to one’s self-awareness and impact on the others.

Working parents, we have you covered. Our Extended Program begins at the end of the regular school day and runs until 6 p.m. each day. We offer a range of activities and classes designed specifically for middle school students – from web design and robotics, to voice lessons, fashion design, and short story writing. Your children will further their learning, develop lifelong friendships, and enjoy quiet homework time. To learn more about our offerings and see sample programs, including enrichment classes, summer camps, and conference day care…

Impactful Learning at Every Stage

Transitional Kindergarten Program (TK)

Our TK students learn by doing so they can develop empathy, find joy in learning, and cultivate strong pre-academic skills.

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Elementary School Program (K-4)

Faculty work across curricula to foster students’ love of learning by sparking curiosity and exploring topics from all angles.

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Middle School Program (5-8)

A contextual curriculum asks students to think deeply about facts and experiences to gain a holistic understanding of the world.

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After-school sports for 6th-8th graders encourages participation and provides social, conceptual, and skill development.
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Extended Program

We offer an enriching, fun, after school program designed to extend the joyful school day.
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Summer Program

Our vibrant Summer Program welcomes our students to expand their minds, move their bodies, and enjoy learning all summer long.
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Prospect Sierra Institute

A workshop series for educators that illuminates equity in progressive education and innovative approaches to lifelong learning.
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“Some of the things that Prospect Sierra prepared me for were rigorous academics in high school, college, and beyond, as well as really understanding my impact in the world. That was something that Prospect Sierra started doing very early on – talking about social justice, impact, and how to leverage our own privilege in the world. It prepared me for navigating professional settings, world settings, and thinking about who I want to be and how I want to show up.”

- Rebecca Dreyfus | PS Alum ‘07

During the pandemic, J had only been here for six months. Then the pandemic hit and everything shut down. What really solidified that we had made the right decision was that a week after shut down, J was already in PS Home, with curriculum, a device, a full schedule, and our kids did not miss a beat. To me, that was a game changer. Instead of their skills declining, every student in Prospect Sierra progressed. And you still felt that same love, joy, and community through the computer. We could still feel that same passion, and it was authentic.

- Tiffany Newhouse | 4th grade parent