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Black Lives Matter

Black lives should be celebrated, loved, engaged, and kept safe.

As an educational institution, we know that knowledge is power and it’s our job to amplify underrepresented voices. Our expectation is that everyone is engaging in the national conversation to understand the history of racialized violence and its impact on the daily lives of Black and brown people in our country today so that folks can actively participate in building a better world.

We’ve chosen the following four action areas in which to offer resources to our community. We need to work together to innovate and create new ideas for transformation going forward. We cannot return to normal. We need all of our minds and ideas to stitch a new garment that serves all of humanity.

Action + Empathy

Information & Resources

On-The-Ground Support

Resources For Kids

Reckon With The Truth of U.S. History

Amplify Black Voices

Understanding the Abolition Movement

Create Spaces For Community Healing

Celebrate Black Joy