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What Are You Grateful For?

InstagramNews June 1, 2024

As we near the end of the year, full of thanks for all we have shared together, we’ve been learning about the benefits of gratitude at Tapscott. In taking a closer look at what we are grateful for, we couldn’t have anticipated the outpouring of gratitude from our TK through 4th grade students, which extended far beyond the joy at Tapscott to all the ways our families have been of support this year.

We found gratitude for those waking kids up in the morning, zipping jackets, making meals, fixing bug bites, and even helping brush teeth. We are so thankful to our families for all the ways in which you have made this year go round!

The Greater Good Science Center (@greatergoodmag) has identified gratitude as an essential key to well-being, as it has been shown not only to increase happiness but also to improve physical health and the quality of our relationships, including forgiveness, compassion, and helpfulness. As you head into summer, please make sure to check out our gratitude trees in the courtyard and help us keep the question alive: What are you grateful for?