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Welcoming Black Alums to Our Black Student Cohort

InstagramNews May 12, 2023

Recently, the Black student cohort invited five Black alumni to school for lunch and conversation. Cory Elliott, ‘04, Hisham Alibob, ‘04, and Kendal Reed, ‘14 came to visit for a second year, and we welcomed Thandi Stewart, ‘02, and Jasmine McMurray, ‘01 (current PS 4th grade assistant) who each have a nephew in kindergarten or starting in kindergarten next year!

Small groups of current students and alumni answered the icebreaker “One thing you might not know about me just from looking at me” before discussions turned to high school and sports, as well as the networking and financial support that Black sororities and fraternities can provide. Familial connections were discovered, and we found out one alum had run in the 2012 Olympic trials!

For the last ten years, we have created lunchtime cohort opportunities at Avis for students to gather to discuss the varying identities they share. Whether they observe the Jewish High Holy Days, speak a language other than English at home, identify as short or tall, as mixed race or Asian, or live with a learning difference, conversations happen. Students at Avis have enjoyed sharing their thoughts and others have been eager to hear from their peers. This year we are delighted to bring this experience to our Tapscott students. Stay tuned for more glimpses into our cohort spaces!