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Way to Go, Panthers!

InstagramNews March 30, 2023

We’re celebrating the close of a successful basketball season! Our middle school players enjoyed many wins and competed hard in every game, and the 7th grade Boys+ team went undefeated this year!

Girls+ finished strong; it was many of the players’ first time playing on a basketball team, and their skills improved so much by the end of the season. Our returning players were awesome leaders and mentors, especially our captains!

6 Boys+ had a great season, winning nearly all of its games and competing hard in the few losses. We had a large group of 18 players and all the teammates managed to cooperate well and trust each other on and off the court.

8 Boys+ displayed unstoppable camaraderie and teamwork during their memorable last season of middle school basketball. And our 5th grade team managers loved working the scoreboards and gaining valuable skills during practices.

Way to go, Panthers! 🏀