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TK Students Study Christian Robinson in Art

InstagramNews May 21, 2024

Our art curriculum includes the study of a diverse group of artists, both in terms of identity and artistic medium. We want students to see themselves reflected in the artists we study, and as artists themselves.

Christian Robinson (@theartoffun), illustrator of many books including Something, Someday, motivated our TK students to do a deep dive into his work over the past several months. In TK, we build tools to express hard emotions. In addition to learning that interests develop into passions, Christian has taught us that art is a useful way to identify and describe your feelings. His illustrations and YouTube channel inspired a personal exploration of our feelings through paint colors, pictures, and storytelling.

To emulate Christian’s work, our art teachers helped TK students create scenes with painted and collaged self portraits in their own bedrooms. And just like Christian, students published their own books! By working in parts over several weeks, they were able to create and then expand on a story directly from their imagination, showcasing all their literacy work and creative expression.