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Tesha McCord Poe

Board Member

Tesha McCord Poe is a passionate educator and fundraiser who uses her legal and business background to leverage and support the long-term success of nonprofits. She particularly focuses on fundraising and diversity, equity, and inclusion. A graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University with a BA in economics, Tesha received a JD/MBA from Northwestern University and has worked in several industries including broadcast journalism, banking, as a corporate attorney, and as a tenure track law teacher. Tesha has also spent more than a decade working as a senior administrator in independent schools in the Bay Area.  Tesha has partnered with leadership teams to set and implement innovative educational strategies and provide growing revenue streams through admissions and fundraising K-12. In addition to her board role at Prospect Sierra, Tesha currently serves as a trustee for EatReal Certified in San Francisco and is the Board Chair for the Mariposa Foundation DR based in the Dominican Republic.