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PS Students Create Wind Turbines for Local Design Challenge

InstagramNews February 9, 2023

Congrats to nine of our students who attended and placed at this weekend’s KidWind turbine-design challenge held at Cal Maritime! 8th graders scored 3rd and 6th graders scored 2nd overall among middle schools, and now qualify for the national event in Boulder, Colorado!

All 6th graders do a version of this project in colab, designing their own wind turbine blades by experimenting with various shapes and sizes, and other variables such as materials, angles, and number of blades. They fabricated final versions using our laser cutter and measured the output of their generators using a voltmeter.

Some of our students were inspired to continue refining their designs outside of class with their colab teacher David and compete in the KidWind challenge. During the competition, students tested out their designs in the university’s wind tunnel and got a tour of the on-site ship afterward!