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Our Community Partner: CEID

InstagramNews February 3, 2024

Every Friday, Davana Jackson, a teacher at Berkeley’s Center for Early Intervention on Deafness (CEID), which helps deaf or hard-of-hearing kids from ages 0 to 5 overcome the barriers that deafness presents, drives to El Cerrito to teach sign language to the third-graders at Prospect Sierra Elementary School.

And every Tuesday, the Prospect Sierra third-graders travel to CEID and play with the little kids. It’s hard to tell who enjoys it more.

“One of the joys I experience when we go to CEID is to see our kids change their behavior to meet the needs of someone who has a physical, social and emotional difference,” says 3rd grade teacher Annie Fujimoto. “It gives them a healthy understanding of what it means to be different but also the same.”