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From Trashion to Fashion – Innovating in 4th Grade!

InstagramNews May 12, 2023

Every spring, in celebration of Earth Week, our 4th grade designers work the runway in celebration of color, creativity, and sustainability during their Trashion Show!

The past several months of art class were dedicated to building these bold wearables out of a rainbow of recycled materials. Artists tie-dyed and transformed T-shirts, elevated bottle caps to bold accessories, and incorporated everything from candy wrappers to old CDs into their phenomenal fashions.

During the Trashion Show (our 9th annual, led by art teacher Remi Rubel), 4th graders struck playful poses on the red carpet in front of our whole community. Did you know that sustainable fashion can help fight climate change? Our designers inspire us to rethink our everyday choices and embrace creative reuse!