Extended Program

The Prospect Sierra Extended Program operates from 7:30-8:00 a.m. on the Tapscott elementary campus and after school until 6:00 p.m. on both Tapscott and Avis campuses. Please contact us for more information about the Prospect Sierra Extended  Program.

Elementary School

Daily activities include sports, cooperative games, arts and crafts, creative movement, musical theater, storytelling, and more! Our primary purpose is to balance the children’s need for guidance and supervision with the equally important need for spontaneity and self expression. It’s the play date without the driving!

Enrichment Classes

Classes are taught by experienced teaching professionals who share their gifts and talents with the children on a week to week basis. Classes run seasonally and our first session will begin in October 2021. Below is a sample of classes that we’ve held in the past.


Homework Club with Luis Hernandez: 3:05-4:05, Grades 3-4
Lego Engineering/Intro to STEM: 3:05-4:20, Grades K-2
Remi’s Circus with Remi Rubel: 3:05-4:05, Grades 1-4
SuperYogi! Adventure Yoga with Suzanne Zuber: 3:05-4:05, Grades 1-4
Yoga Zoo! Yoga & Mindfulness with Suzanne Zuber: 4:05-5:05, Grades TK-K


Ceramics with Emily Schory: 2:35-3:35, K only
Ceramics with Emily Schory: 3:05-4:05, Grades 1-4
Ceramics Extended with Emily Schory: 3:05-4:35, Grades 1-4
Improv and Theater Games with Geri Engberg: 3:05-4:05, Grades 1-4
Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing with Cintra Harbach: 3:05-4:05, Grades K-4;
Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing Extended with Cintra Harbach: 3:05-4:35, Grades K-4


Art to Wear with Cintra Harbach: 2:20-3:20, Grades K-4
Art to Wear Extended with Cintra Harbach: 2:20-3:50, Grades K-4
Magic with Brian Scott: 2:20-3:20, Grades 1-4
Karate with Mark Lewkowitz: 2:20-3:20, Grades 1-4


Adventures with Maimone Attia: 3:05-4:05, Grades 2-4
Ceramics with Emily Schory: 2:35-3:35, Grades K
Ceramics with Emily Schory: 3:05-4:05, Grades 1-4
Ceramics Extended with Emily Schory: 3:05-4:35, Grades 1-4
Hip Hop with Madeleine Rogin: 2:40-3:30, Grades TK-K


Chess with Roger Poehlmann of the Berkeley Chess School: 3:05-4:05, Grades 1-4
Hip Hop with Madeleine Rogin: 3:05-4:05, Grades 1-4

If you have questions about the elementary Extended Program, please call 510.809.9013.


Middle School

The extended program begins in Room 1 at dismissal daily and ends in the library at 6:00 p.m. Activities include quiet study time to work on homework indoors as well as free time to enjoy recreation activities including outdoor play, board games, composting, and other fun social activities, primarily centered on the lower yard. Students start off their afternoon with a delicious healthy snack.

Below is a selection of enrichment classes we’ve held in the past.


Cooking Around the World: 3:40-5:10, Grades 5-8

Athletics/Drama: Opportunities to compete on seasonal sports teams and participate in fall and spring drama productions. Please note that these opportunities take place after school but are included in general tuition and do not incur an additional fee. With regards to athletics, school-sponsored teams practice and compete after school and are usually grade-level teams although groupings may vary depending on the number of students interested in participating. Participation and inclusivity are important at every level. Students are encouraged to give their best efforts in both practices and interscholastic games, have fun, and practice good sportsmanship. For more information on athletics, click here.

If you have questions about the middle school Extended Program, please call 510.809.9013.

Pricing and Fees

Extended Program Unlimited: $3,100 for entire 2021-22 school year, $1,600 per semester
Unlimited hours of childcare at a fixed price. This is the least expensive alternative for families who average 7 hours or more of childcare per week.  On average, this comes to approximately $6.80 per hour.  Important — This price includes teacher work days and parent conference days when classes are not in session as well as early dismissal days. There is no childcare, however, during school holidays or on the last day of the school year. Presidents’ Week mini-camp is available for an additional fee.

Extended Program Hourly: $615 for 50 hours; $160 for 10 hours
Families may purchase coupons from the Extended Program or either front office.

Emergency Drop-in Care: $18/hour, payable upon pick up
Drop-in Care is available when unexpected situations arise such as missed carpools, traffic delays, late meetings, etc.  Please pay when you pick up your child. Make checks payable to Prospect Sierra School.

Late Fee
After 6 p.m., rates for everyone are $15 per 15 minutes, rounded up to the nearest 15 minute interval; make check payable to Prospect Sierra School at time of pick-up.