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7th Graders Visit Balmy Alley Murals

InstagramNews February 28, 2023

Our 7th graders had the good fortune to meet Susan Cervantes at the Precita Eyes store during a recent trip to Balmy Alley in San Francisco! Our bilingual and heritage Spanish teacher Tanya was in the Mission District with her 7th graders to deepen their learning about Mexican Muralism, women in the Muralism movement, and how art can be a tool for communication.

During the trip, students enjoyed the concentration of murals, many of them depicting issues in Latin America or with gentrification. They were delighted to speak with Susan, founding director at Precita Eyes Muralists and a community artist responsible for over 400 murals.

The trip was a rich source of inspiration for our Bilingual and Heritage speakers, who are working on a collective piece about their own identities back in the classroom!