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5th Grade Story Slam

InstagramNews November 1, 2023

5th graders began the year in humanities by thinking about the concepts of ability and access. Last month students were given an assignment inspired by this quote from Skin, Tooth, and Bone: The Basis of Movement is Our People, A Disability Justice Primer, Second Edition: “All bodies have strengths and needs that must be met. We are powerful not despite the complexities of our bodies, but because of them.”

Students were asked to think about the strengths they have, the challenges they encounter, and the support they need to help them utilize their strengths and manage their challenges. They brainstormed small moments from their lived experiences that show how these strengths, challenges, and support/needs have come up in their lives.

5th graders were able to think of characteristics that can present as both strengths and challenges at the same time. They wrote short stories inspired by their small moments, gave and received peer feedback with a partner, made revisions, planned and rehearsed telling their story with their partner, and finally, shared their story with the rest of the class in a “story slam” event.

⚡️ One student wrote about having strong opinions and big emotions, which can be a strength because it helps her stand up for herself and not get pushed around, but a challenge because she sometimes hurts others with her words or says things she regrets.

⚡️ One student wrote about how he has a really hard time getting up in the morning, but he also really likes getting to school early in order to feel settled before the day starts.

⚡️ One student wrote about how she experiences anxiety and panic attacks, which is hard but has also taught her important lessons about what helps her relax, which people she feels most comfortable with, etc.

We’re proud of our 5th graders for reflecting so deeply and making connections with the text they read!