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An Evening with the Founders of Cafe Ohlone

InstagramNews March 30, 2023

We were honored to spend the evening with Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino, founders of Cafe Ohlone (@makamham) at our Avis campus this month. Vincent and Louis will spoke about their work in their communities and with their restaurant, followed by a Q&A with our head of school, Nisa Frank.

Vincent Medina and Louis Trevino are two Ohlone people focused on sustaining traditional Ohlone culture. In September 2017, they created mak-‘amham (Chochenyo for “our food”), a community organization organized for the benefit of the Ohlone people. The birth of mak-‘amham allowed Vincent and Louis to formalize a series of programs: cooking classes, gathering trips, high-toned dinners for elders, weekly language classes, and cultural sessions.

Cafe Ohlone is the only Ohlone restaurant in the world; an oasis in the midst of the bustling UC Berkeley campus where diners enjoy Vincent and Louis’s award-winning food.

Ultimately, Vincent and Louis are cultural diplomats who work to correct outdated stereotypes and misinformation that have lingered for far too long, while simultaneously teaching truths of Ohlone living culture, history, and unbroken, permanent relationship with this land. Their work fosters understanding, respect, and the healing of old wounds. We’re so grateful that they shared their time with us!