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3rd Graders Study Black Resistance

Instagram February 17, 2023

Black resistance is the theme of this year’s Black History Month, brought to life during 3rd graders’ trip to the West Oakland mural project.

Curated by Jilchristina Vest, the project includes a Women of The Black Panther Party Mural & Mini Museum, the first and second ever permanent art installations to exist honoring the work of The Black Panther Party and acknowledging the role women played!

Thanks to Jilchristina’s curriculum, students learned about the many ways that the women of the Black Panther Party practice resistance through JOY and lifting up communities. They walked through the Mini Museum showcasing over 68 programs that the women started, and visited the Huey P Newton statue down the street.

Students learned about different forms of resistance: self-defense, elder care, hot breakfasts, community schools, warm coats, free ambulance programs, voter registration, sickle cell anemia testing – the list goes on! At the end of the trip, 3rd graders collaborated on a poem called “Resistance Is” and read it to the whole school during our Black History Month Assembly.

Thank you, @missjilie and our third grade teachers, for leading us through this important and joyful learning!