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2nd Graders Spread Kindness Everywhere

InstagramNews December 15, 2023

Wow! Our elementary-wide Tapscott Winter Study was a memorable way to close out 2023. It began with the reading of a story – Something, Someday by @amandascgorman. Through reading, writing, humanities, and even math lessons, the students dug into their part of the story, which poses questions about problems that seem too big to fix and takes us through to hope.

The culmination of learning cannot be contained within a single post, so today we’ll focus on our 2nd graders, who have been learning about the powerful impact of small acts of kindness.

2nd grade spread kindness throughout campus this week by creating positive affirmations for bathroom mirrors, a “take a kindness, leave a kindness” board, kindness trees for each classroom with suggestions for self care and care for others, and joyful welcome signs at morning drop-off.

Our students are proving that they are not too young to have hope and make a lasting impact on this world. 🌈