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Abby’s Corner

October is Underway

While some may say Halloween is the most exciting event in October, I’d say that the head-to-head division race at Panther Picnic is a close second! Rachel, Luis, and I are geared up for another great race this year and we hope you all will come out and cheer on Team Tapscott. We will be racing at 1:45 p.m. on Sunday; it’s not to be missed!

Looking Ahead – Exciting New Format for Our Book Fair

As some of you are aware, in the past we have hosted a book fair in collaboration with Books Inc. during the spring on our Tapscott campus. This year, I’m excited to share that we are going to try something new! We are shifting our book fair to December, and it will be hosted at the North Berkeley Books Inc. on Shattuck Ave. on Monday, December 2 from 5-8 p.m.

For several years, we have been in conversation about ways to continue to promote a love for reading, generate additional funds to support our library program, and also balance how much we ask of our parent volunteers. We value having library volunteers help out regularly, as it connects parents, grandparents, and other caregivers to our library in important ways. In recent years it has been increasingly difficult for parents to volunteer on weekdays at our Book Fair, often due to work schedules. We thought that this would be a great opportunity to try something new, and pilot a format that does not require parent volunteers, and still brings our families together in celebration of reading.

Having our book fair in December will also allow us to remind students and families of the importance of reading during our longest break during the school year, our December winter break, and also celebrate new book releases that come out around that time of year. Because the book fair will move to Books Inc, we will be able to support all the readers in our community and librarians from Tapscott and Avis will be on hand to help readers at all grade levels find wonderful new books. Further, your child will get to enjoy “story time” with some very special guests including Diane Simoneau and our very own Head of School, Nisa Frank!

More details are coming soon, but for now please mark your calendars for Monday, December 2 from 5-8 p.m., following our Thanksgiving Break, and make a family night of it. Barney’s Burgers (down the street from Books Inc.) has agreed to donate a portion of proceeds to Prospect Sierra that day, so you can dine out, do some winter book shopping, and support our Tapscott and Avis libraries.

Dates to Remember

  • October 28 – NO SCHOOL, Parent Conference Day, Extended Program Available
  • October 31 – Halloween Parade at 8:45 a.m. on the Tapscott Terrace
  • November 1 – NO SCHOOL, Parent Conference Day, Extended Program Available
  • November 11 – NO SCHOOL, HOLIDAY, No Extended Program Available