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Your Support Matters

Prospect Sierra is home to passionate, innovative teachers who help our students:

  • Practice deep intellectual engagement
  • Develop nuanced self-knowledge
  • Recognize the importance of caring for others

The future holds many unknowns. But one thing we’re certain of is that these three critical skills will prepare our students to collaborate with others to tackle complex challenges and help make the world a better place. We are incredibly proud of Prospect Sierra’s independent thinkers, creative problem solvers, and thoughtful citizens.

We invite you to lean into this process and explore Prospect Sierra more in the coming days. You’ll discover the many reasons why we chose Prospect Sierra—and hope you will too!

We can’t wait to meet you, get to know your family, and introduce you to our innovative program and incredible school community.

Your Support Matters
Ensure more children throughout the Bay Area get the education they deserve.

Annual Giving Report

We are thrilled to share our Report on Giving—an annual snapshot of our community’s incredible generosity. Click through the magazine below, or download it as a PDF.


“I’ve had this deep appreciation of kids as they mature and become young adults that went here; they converse, look you in the eye, they’re creative, they’re constantly exploring themselves, and the world. They want to continue to learn and be changemakers in this world. That goes a long way as a parent when you have a young child entering this school to know how they’re likely to turn out. They can go in many different directions, but there is a commonality – maturity, respect for academics, and empathy for other people, and that really is profound to me.”

- Joe Parisi | Alum parent

Prospect Sierra is a great school because of the emphasis on creativity, diversity, inclusion, and respect. Along with a great curriculum, interactive and fun projects – they really help kids to learn. The faculty take the time to teach how things work, the science and reasoning behind it, and it will stay ingrained with students forever.

- Azal Laal | Class of 2018

When I look back at my time at Prospect Sierra, I think about the friendships I made and it’s a really happy time in my life. I also think the teachers really care about what they do and they were the best part of the academic experience here. It was the first time I felt really challenged compared to my previous schools, and I felt how much love and care they put into their students and classes.

- Mason Jones | Class of 2021

Support, Engage, and Stay Connected

Discover the many ways you can support and engage with us to help continue our legacy of joyful intellectual engagement.

Parent Association (PSPA)

Meet our dedicated PSPA members, learn about what’s on the agenda, and discover how you can get involved.


Prospect Sierra alumni make a positive impact in the world wherever they are. Stay connected with us here after you graduate!


Ensure more children throughout the Bay Area get the education they deserve.


Ensure more children throughout the Bay Area get the education they deserve.