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Jess Friedman

3rd Grade Associate Teacher

Jess Friedman (pronouns: they/them), 3rd Grade Associate Teacher, is thrilled to begin their second year teaching at Tapscott and third year teaching at Prospect Sierra. Last year, they worked as a 4th grade Associate Teacher while attending BATTI at night, where they are working towards a master’s degree in education and multiple subject teaching credential. Jess earned their BS in landscape architecture from UC Davis and spent 10 years working at various movie theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Outside of school, they love watching and making movies, hiking, biking, and spending time with family in LA. This past summer, they worked as a lead Humanities instructor at Westlake Middle School. A few additional things that make them happy are: dressing up, biking long distances, playing music with friends, finding and walking through labyrinths, baking, and community activism!