September 28, 2016
8th Grade — Visual Arts

Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of visual arts media to 
convey emotions and ideas. Weekly visits to the art classroom encourage creative expression and problem solving, and reinforce the importance of community. Lessons encourage students to think like an artist and apply methods and techniques which build skills and allow young artists to create with confidence.

Techniques and media include painting, drawing, illustration, sculpting with clay, and mixed media. Specific media may include painting with tempera; drawing with ink, pencil, and colored pencil; slab building, modeling, and glazing clay; mixed media projects combining ink, watercolor, colored pencil or oil pastels; and sculpting with wire.

Concepts include planning an illustration and page layout, balancing a 3D composition, building contrast, using color to balance a composition, depicting highlights, shading, and cast shadows, experimenting to create color and texture with an emphasis on edges and outlines, capturing emotion and expression, and developing an individual style.

Projects build skills and confidence while making space for individual expression of ideas and fostering imagination. Eighth grade projects may include a primate portrait focusing on capturing expression; painting an abstract composition inspired by music; a clay monster sculpture; a morph illustration inspired by the work of M.C. Escher; painting with acrylic on canvas; a still life drawing of a vintage tool; and a self-portrait in a style and media of the artist’s choice.