September 28, 2016
1st Grade — Visual Arts

Students have the opportunity to expand and enrich their creative expression through a wide range of tools, materials, textures, and artistic styles. Art projects connect to classroom curriculum, school performances, and art and cultural history lessons. The art program supports students in becoming articulate observers of their world while they joyfully build confidence in their problem solving and art making skills.

Artistic Exploration

  • Exploring shapes in neighborhoods/communities, depicting emotional expression, discovering shapes in birds, basics in composition
  • Experiencing various mediums for self-expression: metal, clay, fabric
  • Building confidence in artistic tools: metal, clay, sewing
  • Principles of complementary colors, and the power of  texture in art
  • Practicing fine motor activities in art making

Approaches to Artistic Medium and Concepts

  • Architectural collage, self-portrait study of emotions sculpture, metal postage stamp, botanical watercolor, ceramic trivet, soft-sculpture bird