September 28, 2016
3rd Grade — Library & Digital Literacy

The elementary school library provides a rich environment for fostering a love of books and reading. Weekly classes include book talks, read-aloud stories, learning activities, and introductions to authors and various genres. Students learn how to navigate the library’s electronic catalog, access online resources, and find books that suit both their interests and research needs.

The library’s mission is to enrich the school’s educational programs, to provide for the interests and needs of students, and to develop and nurture a love of reading.

Literature Appreciation

  • Continued exposure to a variety of genres
  • Book talks and discussions of characters, storyline and outcomes, building interest in information about authors and illustrators
  • Student book reviews


  • Non-fiction reports (expository and narrative), Miwok research, arctic animal research
  • Learning to use our electronic card catalog and databases (World Book, Power Knowledge, etc.)
  • Introduction to the Dewey Decimal system, bibliographies, and anthologies

Media Literacy

  • Exposure to various media forms including periodicals, books, animated books, DVDs, websites, and databases

Digital Citizenship

  • Acceptable use policy compliance, works cited