September 28, 2016
1st Grade — Library & Digital Literacy

The elementary school library provides a rich environment for fostering a love of books and reading. Weekly classes include book talks, read-aloud stories, learning activities, and introductions to authors and various genres. Students learn how to navigate the library’s electronic catalog, access online resources, and find books that suit both their interests and research needs.

The library’s mission is to enrich the school’s educational programs, to provide for the interests and needs of students, and to develop and nurture a love of reading.

Literature Appreciation

  • Care of books, parts of a book, keeping books in their proper place, listening for understanding, empathizing
  • Author visits, read alouds, book talks, finding Just Right for Me books
  • Exposure to classic tales and stories from around the world
  • Mythology, folktales, fables, nursery rhymes, tall tales


  • Non-fiction reports, use of table of contents and index, garden research and farmworkers’ struggle, and community helpers

Media Literacy

  • Viewing animated stories and DVDs

Approaches to Learning

  • Partner book talks, discussion groups, free exploration, teacher led lessons and book talks, introduction to series books