September 28, 2016
8th Grade — Spanish

In 8th grade teachers and students speak the target language in class and students integrate all that they have learned. They delve into more complex grammar topics and explore numerous samples of the language from various media in countries where Spanish is spoken. Students demonstrate their command of the language with even more creativity and mastery.

Our 8th grade students leave Prospect Sierra ready for high school, and with a valuable and practical life tool that empowers them to connect with others and communicate in a second language.


  • Telling my own story
  • My daily routine
  • My city and my town
  • History of the Spanish speaking world
  • Prehispanic cultures and legends
  • The environment


  • Past tenses
  • Direct/indirect objects
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Commands

Approaches to Learning / Assessments

  • Oral conversation and discussions
  • Personal interviews
  • Written assignments
  • Oral presentations
  • Projects (multimedia)
  • Music
  • Read newspaper articles, short story books, translations
  • Test preparation and test taking
  • Interactions with native speakers in the larger community