September 28, 2016
5th Grade — Spanish

In 5th grade, language acquisition continues with an additional layer of awareness.  Students continue to listen, speak, read, and write while increasing their exposure to grammar structures and vocabulary.  Through projects, assignments, and class participation, students demonstrate their understanding, and become more confident and excited to build on their linguistic progress.


  • Being able to introduce each other
  • Animals (with a cultural component: Los Alebrijes)
  • Classroom routines and objects
  • Families and descriptions
  • Clothes
  • Likes and dislikes


  • Definite/indefinite articles
  • Gender/number agreement
  • Conjugation irregular common verbs: SER, ESTAR, TENER, IR
  • Conjugation of -AR verbs

Approaches to Learning/ Assessments

  • Oral conversation/discussions
  • Personal interviews
  • Written assignments
  • Oral presentations
  • Projects (multimedia)
  • Music
  • Read short articles,  stories, translations
  • Test preparation and test taking
  • Interactions with native speakers in the larger community