September 28, 2016
4th Grade — Colab

Prospect Sierra colab is a FabLab, a Makerspace, and a Technology Lab all in one – a fluid space, where students can tinker and create. While the tools may vary from the technological (3D printers, laser cutters) to the basic (hammers, duct tape), the goal is to give students a place to develop Design Thinking, 21st century skills, and a passion for exploration, tinkering, hacking, and creating.

  • Engineering, Robotics, & Computer Science:
  • Building and programming a robot to complete a given obstacle
  • Engineering Design Process (plan; test; improve)
  • Physical computing (Hummingbird robotics, LEGO Mindstorm EV3s with LEGO Mindstorm software)
  • Computer programming (Scratch, Snap!, CREATE Lab Visual Programmer)
  • Technology and Digital Literacy:
  • Computer shortcuts
  • Citation of sources
  • Research strategies using the internet, online databases, reference books, magazine articles, and non-fiction sources
  • Keyboarding
  • Digital citizenship (information literacy, internet safety, privacy and security, creative credit and copyright)
  • Approaches to Learning:
  • Hands-on activities
  • Problem solving, collaboration, resilience, perseverance, tinkering
  • Designing and testing prototypes
  • Responsible and competent use of technology
  • Curiosity, flexible thinking, empathy, cooperative learning