September 28, 2016
5th Grade — Social Studies

Reading, writing, and social studies are taught in an integrated course called humanities. The content is guided by essential questions that inform reading material selections, study trips, research projects, and presentations. Teachers collaborate with other departments to further extend the cross-curricular nature of the humanities program, fully integrating the themes of the course into the arts, sciences, and mathematics.

  • Essential Questions Explored:
  • What obstacles prevent mutual respect between people with differences?
  • What role do knowledge and empathy play in overcoming these obstacles?
  • Unit Themes:
  • Meeting of European, African, and American “worlds”
  • Euro-American and Native American interaction in early USA
  • Waves of migration and cultural assimilation of immigrants to the USA
  • Racial segregation in 20th century USA
  • Race and class in contemporary USA
  • Approaches to Learning:
  • Multimodal text analysis, small group discussions, personal interviews, simulations, games, and role playing activities