September 29, 2016
4th Grade — Language Arts

In fourth grade, a more integrated approach to reading and writing instruction is introduced to prepare students for the transition to the upper grades. We use Being a Reader and Being a Writer.


Units of Study

  • Building a reading community
  • Recognizing text features and questioning in expository fiction
  • Analyzing text structure in fiction, narrative nonfiction, expository nonfiction, and drama
  • Making inferences in fiction, poetry, and narrative nonfiction
  • Determining important ideas and summarizing

Approaches to Learning:

  • Making Meaning
  • Read alouds
  • Independent and shared reading
  • Vocabulary instruction
  • Book clubs

Units of Study

  • Building the writing community
  • Understanding the writing process
  • Personal narrative
  • Fiction
  • Expository nonfiction
  • Functional writing
  • Opinion writing
  • Poetry

Approaches to Learning

  • Being a Writer
  • Being a Writer skills practice
  • Classical Roots
  • Spelling instruction and practice
  • Explicit instruction in memorization strategies