October 2, 2016
6th Grade — Math

At Prospect Sierra, we understand that math is a critical tool for understanding the world and making predictions. The heart of mathematics is problem-solving, and problem-solving requires precision and accuracy in calculation and documentation. Our Common Core-aligned, problem-based math curriculum balances deep conceptual understanding with procedural fluency and computational accuracy and efficiency. We cultivate students’ growth mindset and believe that healthy struggle promotes learning. Our goal is to support and challenge all students at an appropriate level and rate, and we give students the opportunity to explore their learning edge.

Primary Curriculum: Illustrative Mathematics

Math Concepts

  • Geometry: area and surface area
  • Rates and ratios
  • Unit rates and percents
  • Fraction concepts including division
  • Algebra concepts including expressions and equations
  • Rational numbers and inequalities

Approaches to Learning

  • Constructivist discourse with teacher-led synthesis
  • Small group collaboration
  • Low-floor high-ceiling tasks
  • Use of visual models and manipulatives