Summer Camp

Prospect Sierra is pleased to host several sessions of camp on our campuses this summer! Beginning with our colab camps, your rising 2nd-6th grader can choose two weeks of camp with our amazing Prospect Sierra faculty. Colab camp leaders include Kathleen Arada, Charlotte Gjedsted, Melody Esquer-Gil, and David Gould. Each week has a unique theme, and tons of amazing tech, making, design, and science activities. Campers will be in small rotating groups so they can work with each of our camp leaders throughout the day.

Colab is a space where technology and making meet design thinking and student initiative. Colab spaces at both of our campuses provide students a huge range of tools and mentorship in project-based classes as well as electives and free tinkering time. This year’s camps take place at the Tapscott campus, and students will have the full use of all the colab tools and experiences — from coding to silk screening, 3d printing, minecraft world creation, laser cutting, and more.

Week 1: July 17-21
Bunny Camp!

What could be better than hanging out with our adorable Tapscott bunnies for a week? How about designing ideal bunny habitats, making bunny stuffed toys, building a big bunny obstacle course, cooking, and doing some great hands-on bunny science! Use the tools of the Tapscott colab makerspace to realize your ideas.

Week 2: July 24-28
Astro Camp!

Blast off in new directions this summer at colab Astro Camp! Explore the great outside (of earth)! Build a giant spacecraft! Explore the solar system and beyond with Melody, and make a green screen film about your adventures, with special effects! Make an app or website for space exploration.

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