Here at Prospect Sierra, we are leading the conversation about the link between intellectual and emotional learning, integrating a deep understanding of human emotions into the entire school experience. With rigorous academics, a robust student support system, and authentic relationships at the core of everything we do, our students graduate from Prospect Sierra inspired to build a better world.


PS Elementary Faculty

We are delighted to share the voices of our faculty and why they chose Prospect Sierra. New additions will be released each month!

Teaching and learning during a pandemic have required an extraordinary amount of flexibility, resilience, creativity, collaboration, and maybe most importantly, love and care for one another. From schedule changes to outdoor classrooms to new ways of doing just about everything, we’ve grown and stretched to meet the needs of our students, faculty and staff, and families. Because our core academic program is always connected to social-emotional learning and is strengthened by diverse voices and perspectives, we’ve weathered the storm with grace and with respect for one another. I’m proud to lead our elementary school and witness our students’ joyful learning every day.

—Abby Guinn, Elementary Division Head

Tapscott Gallery

Prospect Sierra students’ days are filled with discovery, joy, and lasting friendships! Click on the images for a larger view.

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